Wednesday 20 February 2013

"Dig for Victory"

It's exciting times on Fortune Green! For some years the turf has been deteriorating badly and the least amount of rain has turned the north west section of the Green into a soggy swamp - a few years ago we had some ducks on it! The Friends of Fortune Green have been working on ways to improve the Green and have applied to various funding bodies to get the funds to do this next part of the work. To nearly everyone's surprise on digging down they found not the streams we had always suspected but a large WWII air-raide shelter. This has to be removed and filled in before the returfing could start  - it started today.

The battle will be won to improve the drainage on the Green but not before this hole has been completely excavated - its great fun to watch!

Meanwhile the Friends plan other improvements - heres an extract from their newsletter:

"The good news is that phase two of the renovation of Fortune Green is about to begin!  This will include excavating the remains of the WW2 air raid shelter then refilling and re-turfing the upper quadrant plus some 'spot' turf repairs elsewhere on the Green; two replacement noticeboards and one new one by the playground; a children's landscaped corner and a '2012' legacy running route.

The bad news is that this will cause some disruption and disturbance from now until Easter.  During this period the affected area of the Green will be fenced off.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but it will be worth it in the long term.

Your involvement will help make the project a success as it did with phase one.  So please make note in your diaries/calendars of the following dates; Sunday 3rd March (1 - 4pm ) to cut down the perennials and Saturday 16th March (also 1 to 4pm) planting." 

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  1. Any buried Spitfires there? There were none in Burma so they must be somewhere!