Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Camden's latest bright idea! Mobile catering in Parks

As Ward Councillors we have just received the following email from the Council :

"As you will be aware during 2011 and 2012 we trialled mobile catering concessions at Cantelowes Gardens; Kilburn Grange; Tavistock Square and Waterlow Park.  Over all the mobile catering concessions in parks and open spaces have had mixed success depending on the site but generally there has been positive feedback from the local community.  Income from mobile catering concessions has though been very low from £2,500 in 2011/12 to £4,350 in 2012/13. 

A barrier to the contract value has been the duration of the contracts and the scope of sites, limiting the potential for facilities to build up a customer base.  This year the parks and open spaces team are considering tendering licences across a broader range of parks and allowing successful providers to deliver a service from a pitch for 365 days a year during park opening times over a 3 year period with the potential for a 3 year extension following a performance and rent review.  In addition to this we are proposing to encourage social enterprises and community run organisations to tender, potentially favouring Contractors who can demonstrate social value and local benefit.

From Monday 18th February to Sunday 31st March 2013 a survey will go live on the We Are Camden website asking for peoples opinion on this proposal."

Parks and open spaces included in this "broader range" include Fortune Green and the Peace Park in our ward. Please look at the link below and let Camden have your views and copy us in as well! (email flickrea@gmail.com)

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