Wednesday, 28 November 2012

School stories

We know lots of local people complained about the grey bricks used for the new Emmanuel School Building, but the inside is magnificent. They have their school fair there this coming Saturday - so go along and take a peek! It is light and airy and a wonderful place for local children to get their education. The playground is pretty spectacular too! Now all that remains is to tidy up and regenerate the rest of the site including the wildlife area. The side road is to be relaid over the next 2 or 3 weeks so it will be difficult (or impossible) to access the garden centre. If you want to get your Christmas tree you will have talk to them at the Christmas Market on West End Green where they will have a stall.

We know there are shortages of school places in the area (and indeed all over Camden) but rather doubt if the latest wannabee local school is the one to supply them. There is likely to be an application shortly from an independent school which already exists in Westminster and requires an extension, to move into the empty units in the "Sager Building" on Fortune Green - likely to cause some apprehension about traffic and parking if for no other reason in residents around the Green. There is already huge pressure on parking spaces from people using the gym at all hours of day and night, not to speak of more usual traffic from local restaurantas and Tesco.
We understand the school plans an exhibition some time soon - presumably in the vacant unit so interested and concerned local residents will be able to assess this plan for themselves.


  1. Oh, lets get the gym and all the local restaurants closed down so that nobody comes to our area and bothers us and takes our parking spaces and our fresh air. GET REAL!

  2. A lot of these plans get permission on the basis that WH is well served by public transport and people DON'T NEED TO DRIVE. That they do - in droves - is extremely annoying to any local residents who want to walk around the streets in peace, breathe half-way clean air, or who have their own cars here (yes, some of us do) and use them to go outside of London. Negotiating Fortune Green Rd on the way to the A41 and, perhaps, M1 takes longer and is much more frustrating than before that monstrosity was built.

    Why on earth do people have to drive to the gym, or pull up outside Tesco - often inconsiderately - to run in for five minutes when the bus stops almost across from it?