Wednesday, 28 November 2012

A two tree story

First - on Monday 19th November, I helped plant a new tree on West End Green to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee (actually the second tree in our area planted for the Jubilee - the other is in Hampstead Cemetery in Fortune Green Road). The tree on the Green was sponsored by local estate agents Chelsea Square (with grateful thanks) and this picture (courtesy of Jonathan from West Hampstead Life) shows Ray Jacobs of Chelsea Square and me at the very informal ceremony. It is a tree of a moderate size whose leaves will turn a spectacular red in the autumn contrasting with the existing trees.

Secondly - as I was posting the story above a sad story came in via twitter that another young tree was missing! See this picture retweeted.  Just the tree support is left!

When did it go missing? And who is the phantom tree thief of West Hampstead? Hopefully the tree above is a bit too big to vanish but our young street trees are always vulnerable to attack and theft - at least at present they won't die of thirst!

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  1. Keith replied on Twitter that the second tree has apparently got a disease and had to be removed. Don't suppose it will be replaced?