Friday, 7 December 2012

Where the bombs fell

The local area on
The National Archives, University of Portsmouth and Jisc (look it up!) have released an amazing insight into London in the Blitz.

The new website - - maps out where in London was hit. (On the first day of publication the interest in the site was causing it to crash quite frequently. Try visiting another time as it is quite spectacular).

Looking at it locally you can see that Agamemnon Road was particularly badly hit. I am not an expert - and its difficult to tell why such a cluster fell there - except that maybe a Heinkel dropped all its remaining bombs in one go. Unfortunately, the detail available when you zoom in and click on one of the red bombs doesn't give an exact date.
The Civilian War Memorial in Hampstead Cemetery

Anyway - I think this is fascinating and helps answer why some houses on the same street look very different.

Its also a reminder of what Londoners had to live through. I will be thinking of Agamemnon Road when I next visit the Civilian War Memorial in Hampstead Cemetery as we do every year on Remembrance Sunday.

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